Kavaia Laina's Birthday Blend

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We're not only commemorating Mother's Day to our co-founder but this week is also her birthday! This special blend is not only packed with double the kava root but we added stevia leaves to sweeten the mix.

Marlaina had a special hand in formulating this as this was the blend that she immediately loved. Her attention to detail and focus to constantly bring our operations to date is what makes her a power player in our business. She's a star in her own right and deserves a blend to celebrate all of her many talents and skills not just as a business partner but as a friend, sister and mother.

Our main highlight for this blend are it's Schisandra berries also known as the five flavor berry. Schisandra berries are known to have added benefits to help regulate energy and stress levels as well as balancing the thyroid and hormones.

Other noted berries in this blend are organic strawberries, organic maqui berries, organic blackberry leaves, organic rosehips and organic red wine grape skins. Double the berries means double the love. This is a loose leaf blend you’ll LOVE. ❤️

Trust us, you'll love this blend. If you love berries as much as we do, this is the tea to try! Ingredients: Organic schisandra berries, organic strawberries, organic rosehips, organic maqui berries, organic lavender flowers, organic red wine grape skins, organic hibiscus flowers, organic blackberry leaves, kava root and stevia leaf. PRE-ORDER NOW AVAILABLE **Please note blends will ship the week of May 24-28**