Pomegranate Berry Hibiscus

Pomakalanite Kaute or Pomegranate Berry Hibiscus is a unique sweet-tasting blend that marries both the blends of berries and hibiscus into a delightful tea. My love for pomegranates inspired this blend and it represents the cross-cultural upbringing I had being raised in Tonga but also in the U.S. The berries and hibiscus are a memory I pay homage to my grandmother Amelia, she had a blackberry tree she had grown in the back that I used to pick every chance I got. She also had hibiscus trees lined alongside her stonewall. These memories keep me grounded and inspired. 

Ingredients: organic hibiscus, organic kava root, natural flavor, organic Schisandra berry, organic elderberry, organic rosehips, organic blueberry, and organic stevia leaf.

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