Who We Are


Our name Kavaia was created out of the idea of bringing two elements together: Kava + Gaia (Greek meaning of Mother Earth), thus Kavaia was born.

Kavaia is more than just a brand and a name but a lifestyle. Our intent is to provide the best herbal teas that promote health + wellness in mind of our customers. Our premium blends of tea are caffeine-free and are infused with kava to provide a sense of relaxation, stress relief and promote sleep.

We wanted to create flavors that allowed you to experience the life and love of the islands - the taste and smell of fresh pineapples, sweet mangoes and tangy oranges. In blending these flavors we are bringing to life what we envision is our calm + happy place.

While the lives we lead are a bit hectic being entrepreneurs and mothers to our kids and having some crazy schedules at times, we felt it was deserving to have a minute or two in the day where you are allowed some peace and calmness. That’s where our teas come in – to bring you that calmness in a cup.

May you find that calmness + place of peace wherever you are because you are deserving of it always.

Laina & Siva